The Stories of Rescue blog was developed in conjunction with our temporary exhibition ‘Rescues of the Holocaust: Remembering Raoul Wallenberg and Lives Saved’ which is running at The Wiener Library from 4 October 2012 to 6 February 2013. Admission is free.

Between 1944 and 1945, Raoul Wallenberg helped tens of thousands of Jews escape Nazi-occupied Hungary before he was detained by Soviet forces and eventually disappeared. ‘Rescues of the Holocaust’ marks the 100th anniversary of Raoul Wallenberg’s birth and tells three additional stories of rescue efforts undertaken to help those imperilled by the Nazi regime. The Wiener Library’s unique archival collection brings to life these stories of rescue and escape and pays tribute to those individuals whose efforts saved countless lives.

‘Rescues of the Holocaust: Remembering Raoul Wallenberg and Lives Saved’ has been developed with the generous support of the Rivers Charitable Trust and the Heritage Lottery Fund. More information about the exhibition is on our website.

The Stories of Rescue blog acts as an extension to the exhibition where the public can read about other rescue attempts and also submit their own stories.

To learn more about submitting a story, visit our submission page.