Raoul Wallenberg

In the autumn of 1943 my parents and my brother Tomy escaped from Slovakia into Hungary. My parents were put into an internment camp while Tomy, aged 14, was allowed to stay with… Continue reading

Dr Ernst Leitz

Dr Ernst Leitz II (1871-1956) owned the factory in Wetzlar, Germany that produced the world famous Leica 35mm camera. His efforts to help those who were facing oppression and persecution reflected Dr Leitz’s… Continue reading

Vali Rácz

Vali Rácz is a name which is probably unfamiliar to most people, but during the 1930s and 40s, she was one of the most famous singers and actresses in Hungary. She starred in… Continue reading

Irena Sendler

Irena Sendler grew up in Poland watching her father treat poor patients who had been turned away by other doctors. Her father’s compassion inspired her to stand up for her beliefs during the… Continue reading

Irena Ejsmond

This story was submitted by Christopher Ejsmond, an  intern at The Wiener Library who’s special interests are Polish-Jewish relations and Holocaust Studies. Before the war, Irena Ejsmond, a Warsaw resident, and Jozef Tondowski,… Continue reading

The Fake Typhus Epidemic

In May 1944, close to 25,000 Jews from Nagyvárad in Hungary (now Oradea in Romania) were forced into one of the two ghettos built in the city. Dr Miksa Kupfer, a Jewish doctor, was… Continue reading

Kurt Strauss and Society of Friends

The Kurt Strauss Family Papers are available in The Wiener Library archive. You can view them by coming to the Library and asking for Document Collection 1697. I was born in Germany in… Continue reading

Committee for Jewish Refugees in Amsterdam

The Wiener Library holds remarkable documents written in Dutch which vividly reveal experiences of Dutch Jews and of Jews from Germany and elsewhere who came to the Netherlands to escape persecution and deportation.… Continue reading

Maurice Blik

When Maurice Blik came in to The Wiener Library to do research, his story immediately caught the attention of Archivist Howard Falksohn. I was 6 years old on a train leaving Bergen-Belsen just… Continue reading

Cassien Mbanda

Cassien Mbanda was 10 years old at the time of the genocide in Rwanda, and lived in Kigali. He had two sisters, and a brother. I was in Bicumbi visiting my grandmother and… Continue reading